April 19, 2019
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IBEW Local 47 Job Information for Friday April 19, 2019

There are (73) Standing Calls

(58) Journeyman Lineman

(1) Eq Specialist

(14) Infrastructure Techs

Journeyman Lineman

Book 1- 7
Book 2- 4
Book 3- 11

There were 63 Journeyman Lineman calls, and there are 58 standing calls.

Book 1- 2
Book 2- 0
Book 3- 1

There was 0 Transmission calls, and there are no standing calls.

Substation Tech
Book 1- 0
Book 2- 1
Book 3- 15

There was 0 Substation Tech calls, and there are no standing calls.

Equipment Specialist
Book 1- 9
Book 2- 1
Book 3- 2

There was 2 Equipment Specialist calls, and there is 1 standing call.

Book 1- 0
Book 2- 0
Book 3- 3

There were no Fabricator calls, and there are no standing calls.

Book 1- 57
Book 2- 7
Book 3- 121

There was 2 Groundman call, and there are no standing calls.

Infrastructure Eq Man
Book 1 and 2 - 13

There were no Infrastructure Eq Man calls, and there are no standing calls.

Infrastructure Tech
Book 1- 45
Book 2- 10
Book 3- 216

There were 15 Infrastructure Tech calls, and there are 14 standing calls.

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Program Writer Bargaining
Updated On: Sep 27, 2018

On Tuesday, September 25th, the parties met in Diamond Bar for the 2nd day of bargaining to establish a General Contract and Benefits Agreement.

Present for the Company were Eric Ruquet, Sam Sandoval and from Edison Labor Relations, Steve Crowell, Nick Barson, Mike Flenniken, Michelle Martinez and Curtis Germany.

Present for the Union were Randy Balmer, Amanda Ramirez, Myrna Maltez and from the Local 47 Staff Ernie Lopez, Doug Dedea, Mitch Smith, Ron Delgado and Mike Moore.

When the negotiations began, the Union asked the Company if they were ready to respond to our proposal to “Accrete” the group into the Master Agreement.  They indicated that they were not ready to respond but were prepared to hear our proposal.  Therefore, we repeated our proposal from our first meeting in August to accrete the entire group into the Master General Contract along with the Benefits Agreement.  Further, to place the group into the Transmission/Substation Unit of the Master Agreement.  We also indicated that we wanted to see the differences between the Local 47/Edison Benefits Agreement and what the group is currently receiving.

The Company then introduced into the record the job specs (attached) for two new classifications.  These proposed classifications would replace the three existing classifications as follows:

  1. Program Writer I (this would be the entry level position of the progression)
  2. Program Writer II ( this would be the journeyman like position of the progression)
  3. Supervising Program Writer (this  would be an Exhibit E/D positon that would not be awarded based on seniority)

Next, the Company proposed to consolidate the two current classifications of Outage Coordinator and Scheduler into the one classification as follows:

  1. Outage Coordinator 1 (this would be entry level position of the progression)
  2. Outage Coordinator II (this would be the journeyman like position of the progression)
  3. Supervising Outage Coordinator (this would be an Exhibit E/D positon that would not be awarded based on seniority)

The Company indicated that they plan to have a bargaining unit supervisor at all four base locations.

The parties agreed to have Benefits people attend the next meeting to talk about the differences between the established benefits Agreement and the new group.  We agreed on Friday, October 19th for our next day of bargaining.


/s/ Pat Lavin                                                     /s/ Mike Moore

Business Manager                                            Senior Assistant Business Manager

Download: bb notice 9-27-18 Program Writer Bargaining.pdf

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